Nerd Poker DM, Mr. Sark


Player 6 of 6 (Dungeon Master)

Sark is the almighty Dungeon Master.  His card features Bruce Willis, which was discussed in episode #31.  The image of Bruce maintains the best card-theme as the Dungeon Master turns Joker, with a vaugely Harley Quinn outfit.

Nerd Poker Player, Blaine Capatch


Player 5 of 6

Blaine’s flip-side character is Blackee Green (or Blackie Green) . Blackie is an elf wizard with a penchant for navigation technology and is powered by his high charisma. Blackie’s familiar is Stargoyle, a soul-eating gargoyle.

Nerd Poker Player, Ken Daly


Player 4 of 6

This is Ken and his character, Bartho Shett. Bartho is a dragonborn fighter with natural fire-breathing ability. Hilariously enough, when Ken couldn’t attend the game for episodes #48 or
#49, his stand-in did a great job with the spirit of the thing (with plenty of dragon’s breath).

Nerd Poker Player, Sarah Guzzardo


Player 3 of 6

Sarah Guzzardo plays Mildred Maxton.  Mildred is a stout-minded lady dwarf with a big ol’ shield, a lot of hit power, and a phobia of skeletal chest-spiders.  This interpretation of a dwarven lady doesn’t involve a beard.

Nerd Poker Player, Gerry Duggan


Player 2 of 6

Gerry is featured with his character, Sir Richard of Glinishmore.  Sir Richard is a knight and follower of Bahamut.  Sir Richard and Amarth Amon are character opposites, and it’s fun listening to them clash on the same team.  Sir Richard’s own special episode can be found here.

Nerd Poker Player, Brian Posehn


Player 1 of 6

This is Brian Posehn with his counter-part character, Amarth Amon. With a name inspired by metal, Amarth is (or was, up until episode #45) a brutal, kill-everything kind of barbarian.

The idea to draw the Nerd Poker players and characters as playing cards was conceived in April of 2013.  The idea took shape in a weekend afternoon of furious penciling, in August.  The images were finally inked with a combination of an .05 gel pen and fine point Sharpie, then colored in November.  It took time, but it was worth it (just like the show!)

Gregg and Mae

This is fanart of two characters from a yet-to-be-made KickStarter game called Night In The Woods. Gregg and Mae are friends.

The re-purposed background is made of paper and glue that was used for a set of holiday cards I made last year.

I really like the way this turned out!

If I Were In The Woods


This is done in a style inspired by the art from Night in the Woods, a going-to-be-brilliant game on Kickstarter. Although I don’t have the scratch to get an in-game doppleganger version of myself, I tried to imagine how the dopple would turn out. (It’s ok, the KS for the game is still taking my money.) The name’s Micah. You should take a moment and watch the game trailer.


Happy Halloween, everyone!  Enjoy this zombie fox with your eyeballs.  Even undead foxes can have a little fun with your brains.


In Russian, “lisichka” (лисичка) means “little fox mushroom.” The mushroom is the chanterelle: Cantharellus cibarius. I want to do more with this image because it feels lacking, but this is a good starting point worth sharing.